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We're looking for creatives of all kinds; writers, motion designers, artists, graphic designers, photographers, web designers, illustrators, filmmakers, video editors, podcasters, and more! Our goal is to create as much quality we can, as fast as we can, so it is important we have a lot of people who can work on different projects. As of now, this a volunteer position that can turn into a paid opportunity in the near future!

Mission Statement

Crushing Currents is a youth and amateur focused interactive digital media co-operative based in the GTA. Our mission statement is to create a spectacular 21st century “digital community” that spans all sorts of platforms and mediums, and wide-ranging topics of interests. We’re comprised of photographers, artists, writers, social media marketers, filmmakers and innovators with one common obsession: modern pop culture.The pinnacle of modern creativity analyzed as a collective is something that fascinates all of us, and our mission is to ignite the same kind of passion within others. From the mainstream to the niches, from the countercultures to the establishment, from the underground to the up and coming, everything about the stories that we tell each other excites Crushing Currents.

People tend to reminisce about the good old days and nostalgia tends to romanticize what came before as being better than what we have now. At Crushing Currents, we couldn’t disagree more. We live in truly exciting times. We’re dedicated to finding significance in everything in the here and now. We love the vibrations of today in music, the digital worlds on our screens in film and television and even your little blog post that got less than 22 views. So join us in living and loving in the moment; by crushing the currents.

Still confused about what exactly Crushing Currents is? Don’t worry. Culture is a conversation, so if you got to the end of this sentence, you’re already a part of it.

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